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Alyssa S. Hodges


Alyssa Suzanne Hodges is a KC-based family law and divorce attorney.  She earned her law degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law and is pursuing a master's in tax law at Washington University St. Louis School of Law.  She has two young children and is a published author.

Ms. Hodges has been on Law Review, the Dean's List, and a competitive negotiations team. She's been an active member of MothersEsquire since 2018 and WealthCounsel since 2020. In 2021, she became a columnist for Above the Law.

Ms. Hodges enjoys trial prep and being in the courtroom. Her fierce stance of protecting families has earned her the name Fire Breathing Litigator. However, she believes collaboration is almost always better than leaving a decision up to a judge who doesn't know her client or her client's family dynamics. Alyssa works hard to mediate whenever possible and minimize stress to clients during stressful times.

Patty Uveges


Patricia joins our firm after nearly 20 years in the public sector as a foreign affairs linguist. She holds a BA in Personal Finance and Accounting, as well as an MBA. Patty spends her days homesteading in the Ozarks with her kids and an entire menagerie of farm animals. She loves to travel, kayak and garden. Finding her own family unprepared after the death of a loved one, a passion for helping others avoid similar situations was born. 

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Brittany Del Muro

Litigation Paralegal

Compassion for others during difficult times led Brittney to change careers from finance to law. With her astute attention to detail from years in the mortgage industry, Brittany ensures that all legal documentation is thoroughly vetted. She enjoys time spent with her family and pets.