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Alyssa S. Hodges is an estate planning attorney in Blue Springs, MO. Ms. Hodges provides estate planning services throughout Missouri by meeting with clients ONLINE.

"I spoke with several attorneys before I hired Alyssa. What stood out to me was that she really cared about what my family was going through and took the time to listen. She's a fierce advocate, very resourceful, and always responded in a timely manner."

- G. N., Nurse & Parent

"She's helped us navigate a complicated process and proposed creative solutions we'd never considered." 

- A. D., Finance Professional & Parent

"She's humble (rare for lawyers). Sharp. Knowledgeable. Made us feel comfortable. Efficient. Well-connected. She referred my nephew to a lawyer in another state who helped him regain custody when his ex kidnapped their son."

- F. R., Parent, Grandparent & Retiree